Conveyance interpreter

by Shawn Bayern

This site attempts to apply some basic rules of the common law automatically, and then it displays the results graphically. (To be clear, the site does not give legal advice, and you should not rely on its results. It is the product of academic research.)

Enter a conveyance and press "Process." The interpreter will attempt to draw a diagram showing the future interests created by your grant. For examples of the types of conveyances that currently work, see the links below. (We call the grantor O and assume he or she owns the land in fee simple absolute.)

Use forms like "To A..." rather than "O to A..." You should not specify the name of the grantor.

Feel free to try your own conveyances, but please keep in mind that there's no way to be sure the result you get is correct! Also feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or notice any errors. Note that the program doesn't attempt to address issues related to the rule against perpetuities.

Examples that work so far

If you click on an example, it will be entered automatically for you.